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an April 1894 Century Magazine article about Matthew Arnold, Florence Earle Coates remarks how "since his death, there has been manifest in certain quarters a desire to lessen [his] influence..."  May the same not be said of the life and works of Mrs. Coates!  This site is dedicated to sharing the few hidden, rare and scattered gems about the Philadelphia poet that I am delighted to have stumbled upon (look for some hidden gems as well as you roll over some photos and text!).  You are also invited to take a look at the developing Timeline that is the result of my ongoing effort to document the life of dedicated wife, mother, gracious host, patriot, philanthropist, poetFlorence Earle Coates.  Please enjoy your visit!

The search began with a platinum print...

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Mrs. Coates as "The Tragic Muse" (1912)
Illustration facing p. 66
from my copy of A Guidebook of Art, Architecture and Historic Interests in Pennsylvania (1924)

"Willing Terrace"
Previous home in Germantown

Original photo courtesy of Eugene Stackhouse, former president, Germantown Historical Society
Of her home in Germantown, Matthew Arnold wrote (in letters written to Florence dated 1887 and 1888 respectively): "I do not think I enjoyed any days in America more than those I spent with you at Germantown... the beauty of your vegetation was a perpetual pleasure.  Shall I ever forget your Pennsylvania tulip-trees?" and "My remembrance of our last visit and of your tulip-trees and maples I shall never lose... think of me when the tulip-tree comes into blossom in June..." Arnold died in April of 1888 -- two months before Florence would again see her trees come into blossom.

Edited from my original platinum print.

Original photo by Ashley Bohm

Florence Earle Coates' home at 2024 Spruce Street, where she resided from ca. 1908 until her death in 1927.

Florence Earle Coates


Church of the Redeemer Cemetery, Bryn Mawr, PA

Society of Mayflower Descendants (PA)
Summer 2009 Picnic
Conestoga House & Gardens, Lancaster, PA

Meeting the Society's current Governor, Mr. Norman Robinson
I was honored to be able to attend (as a non-member) the Summer 2009 Picnic of the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, held at the Conestoga House & Gardens in Lancaster, PA.   Florence Earle Coates was the SMDPA's 10th founding member in 1896.  I was able to present the group with a first edition copy of Mrs. Coates' Mine and Thine (1904), which contains a poem version of a hymn Mrs. Coates wrote for the Society.  [The SMDPA's Fall 2009 newsletter contains a biography of Mrs. Coates as well as photos of the picnic.] Thanks is given to Joan Stanford for permission to use the above photo with Governor Robinson!

 Information request!  I came across this Violet Oakley sketch of a young girl online, and I believe it is a rendering of Florence's granddaughter, Alice Earle Trask (later Adamson, later Mosley).  The sketch is is dedicated to John E. D. Trask, Alice's father, and is dated circa 1910, which would make Alice seven years old at the time of the sitting.  Comparing the sketch to a passport application photo of Alice Trask from 1922, the subject appears to be one and the same.  If anyone can positively affirm this, I and the seller of the sketch would greatly appreciate feedback!

About the site creator: Sonja N. Bohm's interest in the life and works of Florence Earle Coates began in Plattsburgh, NY during the late 1980’s when she purchased Mrs. Coates’ two-volume set of Poems (1916) for $2.50 at the Corner-Stone Bookshop—a local buy/sell/trade bookstore that is still in business today.  Inside the front pages of Volume I was pasted a platinum print photograph of a woman that only in recent years was confirmed to be an image of the poet.  With that discovery, Mrs. Bohm set out to uncover what she could about Mrs. Coates, and her research has been documented on this dedication website.

Note to researchers, bloggers, etc: Many hours of research have gone into the development of this webpage. I ask, therefore, that this page be referenced if information gained herein is to be used or published [but not plagiarized] in any manner. Images appearing on these pages are not to be copied or reproduced. They are either owned, created, or adapted from public domain images by the site owner, unless otherwise indicated. Thank you for your consideration.

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